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Renewal of Vows

What better way to celebrate a special anniversary or just to simply reaffirm your love and commitment to each other than a Renewal of Vows ceremony! As with all of my ceremonies, this is tailored to your requirements and wishes and completely personalised. As there are no legally binding elements to this type of ceremony, it can be when, where and how you want it to be.

From £400.00

Beach Wedding

Commitment Ceremonies

Do you want to commit to your partner without the legal binding of a marriage? Then a commitment ceremony is perfect for you. Constructed as a wedding, if you so wish, the ceremony can include vows, poems, exchange of rings...anything you want in your chosen location. As this is a non-legal service, the possibilities are endless!

From £400.00

Wedding in Nature
Loving Couple
Happy Wedding Day

Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership allows both same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples to form a partnership which gives them the same rights and responsibilities as in a marriage. There is a legal responsibility involved in a Civil Partnership and it must be registered, in the same way that a marriage must be.

From £400.00

Happy Family

Naming Ceremonies

A personalised ceremony, written by me with your input and wishes included to welcome your child in the most beautiful way. This ceremony is also appropriate for adoption.

From £200.00

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